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Author: Jason Bullock

Inside Tips for Aspiring Pre-Meds

The road to medical school and becoming a doctor isn’t what it used to be. Getting into med school has always been tough, but for those who made the cut in past generations, there was an assurance of high earnings and a rewarding career. Today, ask a doctor if they would recommend the profession to Read More

Scholarship Watch

We recently had Signet Research conduct a survey of the readers of our Fall 2017 issue and one of the questions we asked was, “What would you like to see more coverage of in the magazine?”. The #1 response was more national Scholarships and information for your students. Colleges typically offer scholarships to their incoming Read More

Scholarship Guide Available for your Students and Their Parents

Community Resources is a new community-first organization that provides resources, tools, and guides to neighborhoods and families.  Based on a combination of feedback from families and their own research, they created an unbiased scholarship guide that is valuable for students and parents. This guide breakdowns the best scholarship platforms and instruct users on how to Read More

10 Great Career Fields for your Students

There are many career fields students can go into but evaluating and choosing fields that are growing can be important to students that don’t have a planned career path in mind. Money Crashers recently posted a list of 10 great career fields that are growing and will be in demand for years to come. Medical Read More

7 Questions Your Students and Their Parents Should Ask an Independent College Advisor

Some of your students will undoubtedly consider hiring an Independent College Advisor to assist and guide them in their college search. They can be expensive but also worthwhile in helping students and their parents navigate the college search maze. Teen Life published a nice summary of 7 questions that should be asked when considering hiring Read More

6 Reasons Your Students Should Focus on Continuing to Earn A’s Their Senior Year

Acceptance letters signal a noteworthy achievement!  What it doesn’t signal is that your student can suddenly stop trying in school. Having a college acceptance rescinded is a reality that can happen, but it is also something that can be easily avoided. “Why not? Isn’t this the finish line?!” No, actually, an acceptance letter is not a Read More

5 Tips to help your students get more scholarship dollars

  We recently surveyed Counselors who received and read the Fall 2017 issue of LINK for Counselors. One of the questions we asked is what would you like to see more of in the magazine. The #1 response was more information on Scholarships. As a resultt we launched a new column called Scholarship Watch to Read More

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