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Author: Jason Bullock

60 Percent of former COLLEGE students are CONCERNED about having to work extra jobs to make ends meet

Sixty percent of former college students who are currently repaying student loans are concerned their student loan repayments will cause them to work extra jobs to make ends meet, according to a survey commissioned by Discover Student Loans. This year’s survey examined perceptions about repaying student loans and the impact of repayment on finances and Read More

Generation Z and smartphones

Generation Z is generally considered to be those born between 1995 (or 96) and 2012. Generation Z is applying to – and attending – college as we speak!  Many of us might notice that anxiety and depression seem to have hit an all-time high among young people. Indeed, we probably know, and might even have, a child who Read More

How to Minimize the Cost of College Visits

One of the best ways for your students to determine if a college will be a great fit for them is to visit it while they are in High School. However, between flights, rental cars, hotels and food, the cost of visiting multiple colleges can quickly add up. To help with this issue, created Read More

Going to College After Struggling with Drug Addiction

Drug abuse disorder has become an extremely prevalent issue throughout the United States. Young people will experiment with mood and mind-altering substances, it’s just the way it is. It is normal for teenagers and young adults to try alcohol and smoke marijuana, but when they start using in excess or start testing out other drugs Read More

Decoding the Cost of College – The Case for Transparent Financial Award Letters

New America and uAspire have teamed up to create a comprehensive report that sheds light on how financial aid award letters keep students and families in the dark and offers solutions to better inform students about college costs and financial aid. For the report they analyzed thousands of financial aid award letters and found not Read More

Help your students get started on the College Essay

Does this scene sound familiar? Your student is sitting down, staring at a fresh sheet of paper, pencil poised in hand, but not writing anything. It can happen for an AP Language paper or a college essay. The students say they feel stuck; they call it writer’s block.   Many of Wow’s college essay and Read More

8 Strategies you can Share with your Students and their Parents to Maximize College Financial Aid Eligibility

Maximizing college financial aid eligibility for your child can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. From lowering your “assessable assets” to considering Roth IRAs for summer jobs, here are eight effective college financial aid strategies for getting the most aid out of the FAFSA for your child. 1. Roll custodial accounts like UTMA/UTGA accounts into Read More

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