10 Amazon Gift Card Winners – LINK for Counselors Survey

Recently we commissioned Paramount Research to conduct a study for us on our Spring 2022 issue. Counselors that took the survey were entered into a drawing for 1 of 10 $10 Amazon Gift Cards. Paramount chose the 10 lucky winners randomly. Here are the Counselors who were selected as winners:

Candace Reedckreed@canfieldschools.net
Hillary Bushhbush@rsu16.org
Tracye Martintmartin@troupisd.org
Heather Nocerohnocero@cvcougars.org
John Quantjohnquant@regentsacademy.com
paula duncanpduncan@cpsbla.us
Alicia Kuehnakuehn@jeffcoschools.us
Celestina Ucabchernandez-ucab@swisd.net
Stephanie Laustelau@d219.org
Lorretta Evanslorretta.evans@tangischools.org