10 Great websites for Counselors

I recently came across a website (MastersinCounseling.org)  that had a selection of great websites for Counselors. They had sections for Grief and Anxiety Counseling, Art & Music Therapy, Addiction Counseling, Christian Counseling, Relationship Counseling, General and School and Children’s Counseling.

i checked out the sites they summarized in the School Counseling section and these are 10 I found interesting that I think are relevant and have great content for High School Counselors:

  1. A Thin Line

    A Thin Line is a project run by MTV which promotes awareness of cyberbullying. This site provides information on awareness and prevention of cyberbullying.

2. I (Heart) School Counseling

This blog is written by a former journalist who is a newly turned school counselor. She opens up to readers about her experiences in starting over in this field and important things she thinks parents need to know as a counselor.

3. School Counseling Matters

Rick Scheibner is a professional school counselor who is reaching out to parents and caregivers through his blog in hopes to educate people on the needs of children. The professionally written content of this blog is meant to spark important conversations between teachers, students, and parents.

4. The Counseling Geek

This school counseling blog is made specifically for techies who are interested in integrating modern technology into counseling. Readers will find articles concerning current events in the field and how to implement computer programs to help children in school.

5. The Extraordinary School Counselor

The Extraordinary School Counselor is a blog written by a school counseling supervisor and counseling educator. Readers will find information on how to improve the way schools teach and other helpful topics on childhood development.

6.From the Counselor’s Office

This blog is dedicated to offering information, thoughts, and resources on school counseling issues. Posts provide tips on becoming a more effective counselor and where to find extra education in this area.

7. The School Counselor’s Chronicle

A school counselor owns this blog and is writing to connect with other counselors, school workers, and parents. Topics include real-life experiences in the counseling profession.

8. Scrapbook of a School Counselor

This site takes a scrapbook-like approach to sharing topics about school counseling. Posts are made up of videos and photos with content about the life of a school counselor.

9. School Counselor Blog

This blog is meant to be a place where school counselors can share their thoughts and ideas with other counselors and caregivers of children. Topics include current events in school counseling as well as helpful advice and tips on providing counseling services.

10. Callie’s School Counseling Website

Callie’s School Counseling Website is written by a school counselor starting her career. Posts include insightful tips about counseling as well as a personalized look at the journey of a new counselor.

Here is a link to their complete list of great websites for Counselors: https://www.mastersincounseling.org/counseling-sites.html#school