10 Most Common College Essay Topics – Free Handout

Here are the 10 most common College Essay Topics (over 90% of all Scholarship Essay Prompts are related to one of these topics):

1: How will this scholarship help you?

2: Have you contributed to your community? (or other community service question)

3: Tell us about yourself (or generic personal statement request)

4: Tell us about a time you failed and what you learned from it

5: What are your academic/and or career goals?

6: What impact has sports had on your life? (or other academics-related question)

7: Why do you deserve this scholarship?

8: Tell us about a time you had a belief or idea challenged? (Similar to Common App Prompt #3)

9: How are you unique? (Discuss your background, identity, interest, or talent) (Similar to Common App Prompt #1)

10: Why do you want to study/pursue (X)? (for instance: science, nursing, medicine, computer science, etc.)

These were compiled by Going Merry and a PDF of their handout with these is available for free download for your students here