10 tips your students should know to get the most out of a college tour

1. Do some research. Come prepared with a general awareness of the type of school you’re visiting and a list of specific questions.
2. Read the handouts. The materials you’re given on campus contain a lot of important information. Keep these for comparison.
3. Attend a class. Look for a class in an area of interest so you can get a feel for the academic style at each college.
4. Speak up. Parents shouldn’t do all the talking. This is the student’s experience.
5. Take notes. These will help when you’re comparing schools later on.
6. Wander off. Take time to veer off the prescribed tour path and talk to students in a casual setting. They’ll be able to answer a lot of your questions.
7. Open up. Share your interests, talents, and goals with your guides so they can show you the aspects of campus that align with your needs.
8. Take a moment. Envision yourself on the campus you are touring. Can you see yourself there for four years?
9. Ask questions. Talk with as many staff and faculty as possible. The more perspectives on the school you can get, the better.
10. Enjoy the process. This is an exciting and tumultuous time of life full of big decisions, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to explore the kind of person you are and start to realize your goals for the future.

These tips are courtesy of Jackie Hoefler, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Lake Forest College as published by Daily North Shore