2022 Remote Work Stats & Trends Report

More employers allow their workers to work remotely now since COVID-19 changed the traditional office landscape. Do your students plan to work remotely? FlexJobs has just released its 2022 Remote Work Stats & Trends Report. The new report details key data and statistics on the impact and broad benefits of remote work on professionals, businesses, and the modern work landscape.

State of Remote Work Overview

  • According to FlexJobs’ 2022 Employee Engagement Report, 48% of employers are maintaining some form of remote work for their workforce. 
    • 26% of respondents said their employer will follow a hybrid model.
    • 22% said they’ll be allowed to work remotely.
  • FlexJobs’ 2022 Career Pulse Survey found 65% of respondents report wanting to work remotely full-time, while 32% want a hybrid work environment––that’s 97% of workers who desire some form of remote work. 
  • A Gallup survey found that 8 in 10 people are working hybrid or remote while only 2 in 10 are entirely on-site.  
  • More companies are joining long-time remote work advocates in adopting permanent remote and hybrid workplaces.

Future Projections 

  • FlexJobs saw a 12% increase in remote job postings and a 52% increase in hybrid job postings from 2020 to 2021 and expects similar growth for 2021 to 2022.
  • A recent study by AT&T found the hybrid work model is expected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024. 
  • According to FlexJobs data, the following career fields had consistently high volumes of available remote and hybrid roles in 2022 and are considered strong prospects for job seekers in 2023.  

The Top Careers for Remote Jobs in 2022

1.     Computer & IT 

2.     Marketing

3.     Accounting & Finance 

4.     Medical & Health 

5.     Customer Service 

6.     Project Management

7.     HR & Recruiting 

The Top Careers for Hybrid Jobs in 2022

1.     Accounting & Finance

2.     Computer & IT

3.     Marketing

4.     Project Management

5.     Sales

6.     Medical & Health

7.     HR & Recruiting