3 College Admissions Tips for Students with Learning Differences

Forbes recently published an article on 3 tips for students with learning differences. They are some good tips you can share with your students who might be a fit:

  1. Asses Your College Readiness – Students need to know if they are ready to attend college. In addition to academic skills they should brush up on their life skills such as managing money, staying organized, and getting to class on time.
  2. Find Inclusive College Environments – Self-disclosure is important to make sure the college provides a welcoming environment that is a fit. College representatives can help by discussing which dorms might be the right fit as well as other programs that are on campus.
  3. Access Special Funding – Many schools have special funds available for students with learning differences. It is important to research what might be available.

Here is a link to the blog piece – https://www.forbes.com/sites/avivalegatt/2022/11/29/three-college-admissions-tips-for-students-with-learning-differences/?sh=615626d61e61