3 Steps to Resetting Your Morning Routine

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently. As a counselor, helping students, faculty and parents cope with stress is a part of your job, however due to today’s climate it’s more important than ever to advocate for your mental health and make sure your needs are being met. 

Prioritizing yourself doesn’t mean being selfish and can look differently for everybody. For some it might mean waking up earlier to set aside time for self-care and for others it could mean ending the day with a bedtime routine filled with relaxation. 

Whatever your style, we encourage you to reset your morning routine to be geared towards productivity, intention and wellness. Not quite sure where to start? Tommy John created a three step approach to help school counselors reset their routine for success during this turbulent time. 

Step 1: Practice Mindfulness 

It’s easy to go through the motions these days. Due to the current climate, being present can be difficult when there are so many distractions. When creating a routine rooted in success, it’s important to prioritize practicing mindfulness to ready your brain for focus all day. It may sound silly, but the act of being mindfully aware in the first 10 minutes of your morning allows you to start the day on the right foot. Try saying a mantra like “I am capable of handing anything that the day might bring” to center yourself and start the day with a fresh perspective.

Step 2: Practice Gratitude 

Practicing gratitude is the best way to gain perspective on days when you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Simply writing a few things down that you are thankful for or saying them outloud releases a combination of dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins into your brain and helps you feel more positive. You’ll notice how life’s struggles and inconveniences pale in comparison to your blessings. 

Step 3: Practice Goal-Setting 

Creating a morning routine that’s filled with purpose adds structure to your day and allows you to concentrate on what you really want in life. When you race through your morning, chances are you aren’t focused on your goals. Instead set daily intentions right when you wake up, that will encourage you to be present and strive for your goals. 

We hope these three tips will help you center yourself and tackle your day. As a school counselor, a large part of your job is being there for others so we encourage you to set aside time for yourself every morning. For more inspiration around how to reset your morning routine, view the visual below!