3 Tips Your Students can use to make the most of College Visits

This Fall many of your students will begin visiting colleges to try and find their best fit. The college tour/visit is one of the best ways students can get a feel for what the College would be like and also find out if it feels like the place they would like to call home for the next four years.

Hamlethub had 3 tips that students should do on their visits to make sure they maximize their time on campus:

  1. They should take photos of places that are relevant to their decision. For example, an actual dorm room or a lab might be useful when making a final decision after visiting multiple schools and doing comparisons.
  2. They should take home a copy of the school newspaper. It will tell them about the events on campus and what the students value.
  3. They should ask questions during the tour and the information session and note the answers. Although it feels like they will remember everything, in reality, the answers will not be as clear once they leave that campus.