3 Ways Students Can Use AI to Help Build Their Resumes

AI shouldn’t be used to write a students college essay or to write a complete research paper. However, there are some great uses of AI that can help students. One way it can be used it to help them put together an excellent resume that will help them ultimately find that dream job.

Here are ways students can use AI to build out their resume:

1. Use AI to Help Write Your Professional Summary

Front and center at the top of your resume is your professional summary. Often the first thing that recruiters and hiring managers see, your summary should hook their attention quickly.

AI can analyze your career history and the job description. You can generate multiple versions in different tones to help you brainstorm how to weave in keywords and targeted skills.

2. Use AI for Better Bullet Points

Once a recruiter moves past your summary, they will likely scan your resume bullet points. You can leverage AI tools in a few different ways here. For one thing, AI can suggest more concise phrasing. Or, if you’re unsure how to quantify an achievement, AI can offer some suggestions.

When you’ve included the job description, AI can suggest short, punchy statements that match the targeted qualities more closely. That alone can help you rank higher in an ATS.

3. Use AI for Consistent Tone

While you’ll still need to infuse your personality throughout your resume, you can use AI to ensure consistent tone and styling throughout your document.

General AI tools, like ChatGPT and Grammarly, can really shine with this task. These tools will help you polish your resume by highlighting any readability issues, offering more concise phrasing, and ensuring that you’re maintaining your target messaging throughout.

These tips come from a nice blog that FlexJobs published “Using AI to Build Your Resume: Tips & Prompt Examples”. Check the full blog post out here: https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/using-ai-to-build-your-resume-tips-prompt-examples/