5 Essential Steps to Becoming a Teacher

Are any of your students interested in becoming a teacher? They might be wondering how to turn your career vision into reality. Here are some tips that will guide them through everything from deciding which subject to teach to getting their teaching license.

Choose a Grade

First, they will need to determine which grade level they want to teach. Teaching high school is very different from teaching kindergarten, so it’s important to consider which students they would prefer to work with. Elementary school students are curious and enthusiastic about learning, middle school students are figuring out their places in the world, and high school students are planning for the next big chapter in their lives.  

Decide on the Subject

Which subject should they teach? Ideally, they will be able to identify a subject that they enjoy discussing and understand deeply. They might also want to look at subjects that fewer teachers pursue, as this could open up more job opportunities. For instance, the Edvocate states that mathematics, English, and social sciences are all in-demand subjects. With fewer teachers applying for these positions, they will have less competition when job searching! Ultimately, they want to select a subject that they are passionate about.

Earn Their Degree

To get that first teaching job, they will need to have a bachelor’s degree. Most four-year Colleges have programs for teachers. However, they do necessarily have to attend a brick-and-mortar college – they can secure their teaching license by earning their teaching degree online! This option can be more affordable and convenient for many aspiring teachers. In addition to finishing their bachelor’s program, their state will likely require them to submit academic transcripts, go through a background check, and complete entrance exams and skills tests. Keep in mind that, in the future, they may also want to earn a master’s degree to increase earning potential.

Landing a Job

Once they have gotten their bachelor’s degree, they have their teaching license and should be more than ready to get into the classroom – now, they just need to find a job at the right school! In order to make a great first impression to potential employers, they will need to prepare answers to common interview questions in advance. The Muse states that they will likely be asked why they want to be a teacher, how they would handle difficult students, and how they would structure a typical lesson. They should try rehearsing answers with a friend so that they can give them feedback – this should give them more confidence when they start interviewing.

Prepare for Online Learning

Today’s teachers understand that not all learning takes place in a traditional classroom. Experiential learning and remote learning are also valid educational methods (even more so during COVID-19). Make sure that they are ready to teach virtually if the need arises. They will need a reliable laptop and an external webcam, and they may also want to upgrade your Internet connection.

Teaching can be a very rewarding career. By helping your students make the right decisions about their subject, grade level, and degree program, you can help your students achieve their dreams.