5 mistakes that can make a college pull your student’s college acceptance

Do your students think that once they have been accepted to a College that they are in? Not so fast. There are things that can cause a College to pull a students acceptance. Here are five reasons that Business Insider published in a recent article that can cause this to happen:

  1. Social Media Posts:

Last year Harvard rescinded acceptances to 10 students over social media posts they had made that were sexually explicit or made racial groups the target of jokes in their public Facebook posts. We have written about this before but students need to think before they post something controversial on Social Media.

2. Disciplinary issues:

These can include suspensions or expulsions in high school. Just because they have already been accepted to a college doesn’t mean there might not be consequences if they get into trouble before high school is finished.

3. Conduct while on campus:

Students should be aware that when they visit the College prior to school starting they can still have their acceptance rescinded for things like drinking, etc.

4. Criminal charges:

This goes without saying but having criminal charges such as drunk driving, rape or other charges can cause a college acceptance to be rescinded.

5. School grades:

Lastly, just because they have been accepted doesn’t mean they should stop getting good grades and doing their assignments. A sudden plunge in their grade point average senior year can haveĀ  consequences as well.

Congratulate your students when they tell you they have been accepted to their school of choice but also warn them to keep doing what they have been doing to ensure they make it to that first day of College.

Check out Business Insider’s original story here; http://www.businessinsider.com/why-colleges-can-revoke-acceptance-2017-6