5 Tips to help your students get more scholarship dollars


We recently surveyed Counselors who received and read the Fall 2017 issue of LINK for Counselors. One of the questions we asked is what would you like to see more of in the magazine. The #1 response was more information on Scholarships. As a resultt we launched a new column called Scholarship Watch to highlight various scholarships available to students. Look for it in the new issue coming out next week.

Here are 5 tips your students can use to find out about Scholarships that are available to them:

  1. Students should talk to you and other Counselors. Counselors typically have a list of local organizations that offer scholarships.
  2. Look at local organizations for available scholarships. Most local areas have organizations that offer scholarships to local kids. These oftentimes go unused. Search around. There are dollars available.
  3. Tell your student to check with their students employers. Many companies offer scholarship dollars to the children of their employees. If mom and dad work they may even be able to double dip.
  4. Once your student has been accepted to college they need to research what types of scholarships and grants are available from the school. Most schools have dollars available that sometimes goes unused.
  5. Check out the large scholarship companies such as Fastweb, Aie.org, Cappex or Scholarships.com. They all have databases that can help your students learn about thousands of available scholarships.