7 Things Your Students Should Do After Choosing and Getting Accepted to a College

When your students finally decide on a college they might think their job is done and they can relax until the first day of school. Not so fast! There are still lots of things to do before they set foot on campus. Here is a list of 7 things that Her Campus put together that they should do:

  1. Don’t look back by brooding over “what if’ colleges:

After your student has carefully made a decision and sent in their acceptance letter, they should not let their mind wander to that timeless question, “what if?” They have chosen the school that best fits their life goals. Embrace it and don’t look back.

2. Figure out living arrangements:

When your student sends in their acceptance letter to college, they will most likely receive an e-mail from the department that handles orientation. They will give them information about signing up for orientation, choosing their dorm and meal plan, and even picking classes. Pay attention to the deadlines and write them down so they are prepared for the months leading up to the first day of school. If your students is  unclear about anything, they should not be afraid to shoot an e-mail back and clear their doubts – it’s proactive and they’ll be happy to help.

3. Check to see if their is required summer reading:

Some colleges will have required summer reading before your students first semester. They should check to see if there are any requirements while they have time to read over the summer. If they are  enrolling in an English course their first semester, teachers will often have books they’d like them to read over the summer. Send an e-mail to the teacher and see if there are any reading requirements or recommendations. Even if there isn’t, their proactive attitude will stand out and they’ll most likely remember your student by name when they are finally in their class.

4. Apply for scholarships:

Most schools have specific scholarships available for their incoming students. Check with their financial aid office to see what might be available. College is expensive. Don’t leave money on the table. Every year thousands of dollars in scholarships go unused.

5. Connect with other incoming freshman:

Many other students are encountering the same angst about going off to college. Check out Social Media to connect with other incoming students. Many schools have Facebook pages set up where incoming students can connect with each other. If there are other students from your high school that will be attending that same college  in the fall, as their Counselor you can even put out a list of where graduating students are planning to attend so students can see which other students will be attending the same college. They may never have spoken to them before, but they’ll be glad to know they’re not alone. Who knows, some might even become good friends!

6. Shop and pack for their dorm:

Make sure they have a plan when they go shopping for dorm supplies. Write down a quick list of the essentials they will  need for setting up their room. They don’t want to arrive their first day and forget something important (and then have to fight the crowd of incoming freshmen at the nearest superstore). If they are  moving far away and have to travel by plane, keep in mind that they will most likely need to buy the majority of their supplies at your college.

7. Relax!

Don’t stress about the small stuff. Heading off to college can feel very overwhelming. Enjoy their last months of high school and getting ready for this new experience. It only happens once in their life so they should enjoy it!