7 Websites to help your students with college applications

The worldwide web can be a big help in helping your students research for college. KSL published a list of 7 key sites than can help students with their college applications. Here is a quick summary:

1. LinkedIn University Finder: LinkedIn is a handy tool that can help your students choose the right schools to apply to. They tell the website what they want to study, where they want to live, where they want to work and what career they want to have, and LinkedIn will pop out a list of schools that will give them the best path.

2. Petersons: Petersons offers a comprehensive list of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as online programs that they can compare and contrast to find the right program for them. They can also find test prep, study resources, a scholarship search, essay writing assistance and resume help.
3. EssaysCapital: Need help writing their admission essay? If so, the professional writers at Essays Capital can help. All the writers have advanced degrees and can help workshop your students writing. They will also do a professional edit before the student attaches his/her essay to their application.

4. Admitted.ly: Admitted.ly is a free website that guides them through the application process. One fun tool is the college finder. Unlike LinkedIn’s finder, which is based on practical factors like career goals and ideal location, Admitted.ly’s finder tool focuses on more specific, personal preferences like their religion and their feelings about tattoos and piercings.

The site also includes over 200 lessons with advice on things like essay writing and SAT prep.

5. Stat Fuse: Is your student worried about their chances of being accepted to their dream school? Stat Fuse will tell them how likely they are to get past the application process. If their not happy with the results, they can either ignore them and apply anyway or decide to put their efforts into a school that offers better odds.

6. College Confidential: College Confidential is the largest college forum in the world. The discussions on the forum will give your students insights and help them decide which college they should attend, what will matter the most to them during the search process and answer their financial aid questions.

7. BigFuture: BigFuture is a convenient website where they can find college application information, financial aid, guidance on scholarships and a personalized step-by-step plan for getting through the entire college search and application process.

The tailored college plan is based on your students interests, their current grade level, their financial need and what they are most looking forward to about the college experience. There’s also a section that explains different college majors so they can begin to get an idea of what interests them.