8 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

Most of your students will be going on interviews at some point in the next few years so it is important that they begin preparing. Here are 8 questions they should ask the interviewer provided by Resume Genius:

1. How has your company adapted to recent industry changes or trends?
If a company merely acknowledges industry shifts without taking actionable steps, it might indicate a lack of innovation or foresight. Job seekers should look for companies that not only recognize but also proactively adapt to industry changes. By doing so, candidates can also highlight their own keen awareness of industry dynamics and their adaptability.

2. What two or three qualities define a top performer at your company?
Understanding what a company values in its top performers can provide insights into its culture and expectations. If a company’s definition of a top performer is vague or misaligned with a candidate’s values, it might not be the best fit. Job seekers should seek companies where their strengths and values align with those of top performers.

3. How does your company foster professional development and career growth?
A company’s commitment to employee growth is a strong indicator of its overall culture. If professional development is limited to certain roles or levels, it might suggest a lack of equal growth opportunities. According to LinkedIn’s 2023 Workforce Learning report, employees prioritize “progress toward career goals” as their top motivation to learn. By demonstrating a long-term career vision during interviews, job seekers can position themselves as ambitious and prioritize companies that offer clear and inclusive growth paths. 

4. Can you share more about the specific team that I’d be working with if hired?
Understanding team dynamics is crucial for a smooth transition into a new role. Job seekers should look for companies that are open about team structures and dynamics and be able to highlight their skills that could bridge a gap or provide additional support.

5. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of this job?
Addressing potential challenges head-on demonstrates a job seeker’s problem-solving mindset. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate one’s proactive approach and readiness to tackle challenges head-on. Also, recognizing potential challenges upfront can set realistic expectations and prepare candidates for success. Candidates should seek companies that are candid about the challenges and offer support to overcome them.

6. Can you describe the company’s culture and core values?
A company’s culture and values are foundational to job satisfaction. If a company struggles to articulate its culture or if its stated values seem misaligned with observable behaviors, it might be a red flag. Job seekers should prioritize companies where the culture and values resonate with their own.

7. What do you personally enjoy about working here?
Personal insights provide a genuine perspective on the company’s work environment, so job applicants should look for companies where employees speak passionately and authentically about their experiences. This question not only provides a clearer picture of the workplace but also serves as a powerful rapport builder between the candidate and the interviewer.

8. Could you share a piece of career advice based on our conversation today?
This question showcases a candidate’s commitment to continuous learning, personal growth, and value for diverse viewpoints. This approach can also emphasize the candidate’s eagerness to learn from experienced professionals and apply insights to their career journey.