8 Private Student Loan Options Available to your Students (and their Parents)

The cost of attending College continues to increase faster than the rate of inflation. Many of your students want to attend college but don’t have the funds necessary to pay for it on their own. Grants, scholarships, and federal funding can hopefully cover the bulk of the cost but many times it is still necessary to get additional funding to ensure they have the money needed to make it happen.

That is where private lenders come in. Many offer student loan options but students and their parents need to be careful as there are many different funding options available with different terms. LendEDU has put together a list of some of the best private loans available to students.

They have included the Fixed APR, Variable APR, and repayment terms from 8 of the top lenders. A summary of each lender is also included. Here is a link to the list: https://lendedu.com/blog/private-student-loans/