8 Strategies to Make the Most of a Spring Break College Tour

Many of your students will use their upcoming Spring Break to visit some of the Colleges on their list. Colleges are becoming more accomodating and actually setting up specific tours for students and their parents during Spring Break Week. The Huffington Post recently posted a blog with 8 Strategies to Make the Most of a College Spring Break Tour.

1. Include the teen in the planning: The student should have an active role in the planning process. They should also be encouraged to ask questions once they are on campus.

2. Focus on one geographic area: Prioritize favorite colleges but make sure there are schools on the list the student can actually get accepted to.

3. Plan to visit one, no more than two, campuses per day: These visits can be exhausting so pace yourselves. Also plan to build in some time to check out local attractions. Remember, it is Spring Break!

4. Make the most of the student-led campus tour: Teens often feel more comfortable with their peers so this is a great time for them to engage and ask questions where they aren’t intimidated.

5. Build in time to wander the campus: This gives you time to get the feel of the campus in its natural setting. You can learn a lot by watching students in their natural setting.

6. Make note of your surroundings: Do the buildings and grounds look clean and well maintained? Do the students look happy? Does the campus seem the right size? Does it look safe? These are all questions you should be asking as you tour the school.

7. Spend time alone: Encourage your students to take some time to walk around on campus without their parents. Ask them to envision can they see themselves here? Does it feel right? Is there a comfort level?

8. Take time to process what you’ve learned: This week can feel overwhelming to students so give them some time to process their visits. Encourage them to take notes and review each school later.

It’s a great time in your students lives as they begin to plan for life after high school. Encourage them to embrace it and have fun.

Here is a link to the original article: 8 Strategies to Make the Most of a Spring Break College Tour