8 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Students Health

Kids today grow up playing Xbox and similar games as a form of their entertainment. They also use texting, Instagram, Facebook and other social media as one of their primary means of communication. Many adults see these trends and look down on technology as it relates to their kids and the fact they don’t get some of the same experiences they had growing up when technology was not as prevalent.

Positive Health Wellness in a recent blog  made the case that there are some positive things that Technology has spurred as it relates to health. They listed 8 ways technology is actually improving health. Here is a summary:

  1. Technology is Everywhere in Medicine
  2. It Pushes Us to Do More Activity
  3. Better Ability for Communication Between Doctors and Patients
  4. More Ability to Do Research Into Problems
  5. There are Devices that Keep the Body Working as it Should
  6. Better Treatment Options for Various Ailments and Diseases
  7. Improved Prediction of Diagnosis and Life Expectancy
  8. Faster and More Accurate Diagnosis of Conditions

Each of the above are summarized here:  https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/fitness/8-ways-technology-improving-health/