A Resource for IECs and School Counselors on Generative Artificial Intelligence and (AI) in College Admissions

In 2024, many believe AI will transform college admissions in tasks like applicant screening, list development and test prep. A September 2023 survey found that 50% of admission offices now use AI, with 80% projected to adopt AI tools this year. While students broadly utilize AI in certain homework situations, just 10% indicated they would use these tools directly for their college application essays, according to a December 2023 survey by the ACT. While only 13% of counselors surveyed by College MatchPoint in December 2023 noticed AI-generated content in student essays and applications in the most recent application season, 69% anticipate extensive future usage by colleges for screening and evaluation.

As the use of AI tool advances in 2024, higher education faces a critical juncture in directing its use, with most expecting substantial but uneven integration rather than the outright automation of the application process. There are growing concerns that expanding the role of AI in college admissions could negatively impact transparency in decision-making, widen existing inequities if implemented without proper safeguards, and hinder the nurturing of critical skills in students if they come to rely on it too much. Though AI presents opportunities to expand efficiency, experts underscore that the enduring values of wisdom and empathy will remain vital, as students navigate an increasingly complex life transition that will require compassionate support more than ever.

College Matchpoint has developed a site provides statistics and survey data on the current usage of ChatGPT and other AI tools among students, parents, and counselors. We’ve added a wide variety of voices to the site in terms of videos on what you should be considering in terms of AI in the coming year. These include President Adam Weinberg (Denison University), Ashley Pallie & Rick Clark (Caltech, GA Tech), and many others in our profession. Here is a link to the site: https://www.collegematchpoint.com/genaicollegecounseling