A School Counselor Quiz for Educational Leaders is being developed. Would you like to participate?

Would you like to help develop a school counseling quiz for educational leaders (e.g., Principals). Submit a school counseling question that you believe Principals should know the answer to. Don’t forget to also include what you think the correct answer is. You can ask questions about any of the four components of a comprehensive school counseling program (e.g., define, manage, deliver, or assess), appropriate school counselor roles/responsibilities, use of data, accountability, ethical issues, leadership, advocacy, diversity, or whatever you like. You can also submit as many questions as you want! Know that your submission may be used for future research and/or publication. If you have any thoughts or inquiries, please contact Russ Sabella at rsabella@fgcu.edu.

Here is a link to the question submission page: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfmT4wc-Wm-oUAoHVwFUsnVdbWriIci0srmRj9u3IgV4-Ge3g/viewform