A veteran admission expert’s take on college during a pandemic

Lynn O’Shaughnessy of The College Solution does a great job of putting out useful College planning information for students, parents and counselors. She had been getting a lot of questions about how COVID-19 is upending and affecting the college admissions process so she put together a nice Q&A with Robert Massa, who has worked for 46 years in college admissions and enrollment management.

Massa has overseen admissions at private colleges including as the dean of admissions and financial aid at Johns Hopkins University, He is currently teaching future admission leaders in a graduate program at the University of Southern California.

Here are some of the topics they discussed in their Q&A session:

  • What do you think will happen on college campuses in the fall?
  • What’s going to happen to need-aware financial aid practices?
  • How successful will families be in appealing for more money?
  • How will colleges react to requests for deferrals/gap year?
  • Will there be more school closings/mergers?
  • What should people make of larger wait lists?
  • How do you evaluate a college when you can’t visit?
  • What do you think of the increasing number of schools becoming test-optional.

Here is a link to Lynn’s blog with the video: http://www.thecollegesolution.com/tackling-common-college-questions-during-covid-19/