Anxiety Self-Assessment Test

Directions: Read each statement and circle the answer that best applies to you; leave blank any questions you do not want to answer. 

 NeverSometimesOftenAlmost Always
1. I worry excessively about the future or bad things happening (for example, earthquakes, a loved one getting hurt or sick, failing a test).0123
2. I often feel restless or on edge.0123
3. I have trouble sleeping because my mind is racing with thoughts.0123
4. I stress a lot about my grades.0123
5. I experience a lot of headaches or stomach aches.0123
6. I spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think about me.0123
7. Social media causes me a lot of stress.0123
8. I have sudden rushes of intense fear or anxiety.0123
9. My health stresses me out.0123
10. I am afraid of being alone or doing things on my own.0123
11. I often avoid going places or doing things because I feel anxious.0123
12. I stress about my looks a lot.0123
13. I worry about a lot of things.0123
Add up the numbers you circled for 1-13, and see back of sheet for more details.Total:   
14.  I can identify when I am feeling overly stressed and/or anxious.0123
15. I use tools/techniques that help me calm down/relax.0123
16. I have a good understanding about what anxiety is.Yes                       No  
17.  I can clearly identify the specific factors that cause me stress/anxiety.Yes                       No  
18. I can identify areas of my body where I physically feel anxiety.Yes                       No  
19.  The gender I identify with is:    
20.  I would describe my race/ethnicity as:    
21:  I would describe my sexual orientation as:    

*This assessment is not meant to diagnose anxiety, but to see if anxiety could be a problem for you.


0 – 12: You may have a normal amount of stress/anxiety, or it may be a lot, depending on the items you checked.  If it is a lot to handle, you may want to try talking with someone.

13 -26: You are feeling quite a bit of anxiety in your life.  It may be normal, or it may be a lot to handle.  You may want to try talking with someone to help you deal with it all.

27 – 39: You are experiencing a lot of anxiety in your life.  It might be wise to talk to someone to help you deal with it all.

This test was provided in the High Schools Counselors Group on FB by Tara Roddy. She tweaked the form into a Google Doc and added a place for teens that took the test anonymously to include their cell number if they would like to be contacted by the school counselor.