Are any of your graduating seniors looking to work this summer?

Are any of your seniors looking to work this summer before they begin college? With the cost of college being so high and many students needing additional dollars for incidental costs working should be a necessity for many of them.

ULoop offers a tool that lists jobs specifically available to college students. Currently there are more than 23,000 jobs posted. They even offer a tool where your student can put in the college they will be attending and specific jobs for those students are shown. Here is link:

Some of the other search criteria include:

Some of the companies hiring students for the summer include AFLAC, Travelers Insurance, Ford, DFCU Financial, Comcast, Walmart, Green Mountain Energy, Starbucks, Santander Bank & Enterprise Rental Car.

Not only can you students earn some money this summer, but working for some of these prestigious companies over the summer makes for a great resume builder!