Are elite college summer programs worth the price?

Many elite colleges offer summer programs that students can attend to get a taste of the college life and explore the campus to see if it might be a good fit. As Sophomores and Juniors your students can attend these if their parents are willing to foot the bill. They are fairly pricey, but many students striving to attend an elite school think attending might give them a leg up to get accepted. PRI recently published an article where they interviewed several Admission personnel at some of these colleges. The gist of the article is that many schools don’t place any weight on these programs in terms of admitting students that attend them over other qualified students that don’t. They do advocate the value of these though for getting acclimated to what college life will be about. When Counseling your students these are good points to make as they decide on their next steps in life. Here is the link to the full article: Wet Hot Ivy League Summer: Are elite college summer programs worth the price?