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Author: Jason Bullock

Self Care Tips for Counselors

While we are fighting the good fight, protesting injustices, demanding equality and the right to live while also attempting to protect ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic we have to remember to care for ourselves. As educators we not only have ourselves to consider but we encounter hundreds of personalities daily. Students, colleagues, Read More

Enrollment is down across the board – What can you tell your students who are not thinking about College due to COVID-19?

Enrollment is down across the board at traditional Colleges (4% according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center) with Freshman enrollment particularly lower year-over-year (19%). Junior/Community Colleges saw a drop of 23% this Fall in first time student enrollment. The primary reason is COVID-19 and the uncertainty it caused last year’s crop of high school Read More

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

By now, you’ve surely done several reviews of your students’ college essays – first those early apps and now regular admissions. Whether they are in the content, structure or polish phase of the essay writing process, it’s important to review slowly. At Wow, our message is the same for Common App personal statements, UC Personal Read More

Wait, How Do I Write This Email!?

Email Etiquette and Tips What is “Etiquette”? The customary code of polite behavior in social and professional settings Here are 5 basic rules you should try to adhere to: Rule #1: Always include a subject and include the recipient’s name in the greeting Rule #2: Do not write in ALL CAPITALS! Writing in all capitals Read More

November is National Scholarship Month

Scholarships play a vital role in reducing student loan debt and expanding access to higher education. There are many great sources of scholarships including companies that compile lists of available scholarships such as Fastweb, Scholarship Owl, etc. and most College’s offer scholarships for various majors/types of students. Here are some good statistics regarding scholarships courtesy Read More

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