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Author: Jason Bullock

Coping with Coronavirus: What Students Need to Know

Current students–like most of us– have never experienced anything like the 2020 pandemic. With schools closing and events being cancelled, normal life has been greatly disrupted. High school closings means no athletics, clubs, proms or other social events. It’s a really big loss for many students. Juniors applying to college will not be able to Read More

High School Career Guidance

It was at the Queen’s Croquet Ground in the story of Alice in Wonderland, that the game begins with Alice using a flamingo tucked under her arm as the mallet, a rolled-up hedgehog as the puck and the Queen’s soldiers bent over, acting as the hoops. The players all start at the same time without Read More

Secondary Schools College Admissions Services Update

The Secondary Schools College Admission Services Update is now available. It provides secondary schools professionals an opportunity to report on the current admission-related services at their schools and organizations under these unprecedented circumstances. This is a tool created by NACAC. With so many schools closed or otherwise disrupted, it’s a challenge for counselors to provide Read More

Should Your Students Write Their College Essay Now?

Before they start, they should ask themselves a few questions to determine if they are ready This time of year, we focus on ways to prepare for the college essay, which students generally begin writing at the end of junior year – presumably in June. But lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from Read More

You can’t be what you can’t see

“I fought really hard to get here,” she said with tears filling her eyes. “I’m in my first internship and not only am I the only woman there, but I’m the only person of color. I don’t belong in this field.” I sat across the auditorium, stunned by this statement from a fellow audience member. Read More

College Status Update – COVID-19

Many Colleges & Universities have postponed classes due to COVID-19 and a number have even announced that they will be going online only for the remainder of the semester. Your Seniors who are still in the midst of visiting Colleges and determining which College they will attend are definitely feeling a lot of angst. NACAC Read More

Help your students become financially literate

Entering college life might seem like entering into a Utopia for many students. They think it is the ultimate “real world” that can never be compromised for any damn reason.  They imagined it is the perfect time to do something great, have fun, start a new relationship, and many other things. But they often forget Read More

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