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Author: Jason Bullock

Is there more to a happy college social life than Greek life?

Students frequently either have a strong aversion to or a major attraction to Greek life. The funny thing is that high school students only know what they’ve seen or heard about fraternities and sororities; they haven’t experienced it first-hand. It’s the movies they’ve seen, think Animal House to  Sorority Wars. Or it’s what they’ve heard Read More

Great Counselor Resources (with links)

High School Counselor Resources ASCA Toolkit: Virtual High School Counseling CTE Without Limits: A Shared Vision for the Future of Career Technical Education! Virtual Reality Career Exploration and College Tours: Helpful Spreadsheet Inspiring Students to Attend College With Google Expeditions YouVisit Google Expeditions Campus Tours Career Counseling Visit our Career Exploration and Post-Secondary Planning Page Read More

How to take advantage of today’s college award landscape and obtain higher awards – Free Archived Webinar

The College Solution hosted a great webinar recently with Lynn O’Shaughnessy (founder of the College Solution) and Mark Salisbury (creator of TuitionFit). In the presentation they discussed how TuitionFit, which is a free tool, can help counselors, students and parents get access to real award letters from schools across the country. They also have a Read More

61 Terms Every Job Seeker Will Need to Know

All of your students will be in the job market someday (some right even after graduation). Here are 61 terms they should know as they seek that job: — Applicant Tracking System (ATS) An application tracking system is a software program that employers use to automate recruitment tracking and screen applicants. Resumes are scored based Read More

Average High School Counselor Salary by State

Salaries can vary widely from state to state so it is always helpful to benchmark your salary versus other Counselors in your area. Here are the average salaries for High School Counselors by state (based on data from Zip Recruiter) State Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage Washington $63,474 $5,289 $1,220 $30.52 Maryland Read More


Help Teens Put Down Their Phones

Many teens waste a big portion of their days on social media and playing video games. What can you do to help them realize this is a big time waster for them? They are missing out on a lot of other opportunities due to this addiction. Keith Deltano has put together a great video as Read More

How School Counseling differs from Independent Educational Consulting: An Interview with Piet Lammert – Free Podcast

In the latest episode of The College Spy Podcast, Michelle McAnaney interviewed Piet Lammert who is a school counselor and independent educational consultant. In the episode, Piet and Michelle talk about making the transition from school counselor to IEC. In Piet’s case, he is still a school counselor, and his IEC practice is a side Read More

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