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Author: Jason Bullock

College Fly-In Opportunities for Counselors

One of the questions we often get asked is if we know about any fly in opportunities available to Counselors. I recently came across a guide titled “College Fly-In Opportunities for Counselors in Rural Communities” that was put together by NACAC’s Rural & Small Town Special Interest Group. Many institutions will generously fund a trip Read More

5 Reasons Why Social Media Must Be Part of the College Planning Process

College-bound high school sophomores and juniors should now be dedicating time to work on optimizing their social media profiles to create compelling content accurately reflecting their activities, service, interests, and accomplishments for the college admissions process. Here are 5 reasons why:   Reason #1: Admissions Officers Are Looking at Applicant Social Media Whether it’s Kaplan Read More

The College Board and PSAT Scores: Oh, No, Not Again!

The proximate cause of our expression of exasperation with the College Board is the incongruous scoring results of its 2019 Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), which was administered last October. and the “Again” part of the title to this blog is a little complicated, so bear with us while we explain. Both the SAT and Read More

The Emergence of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in College Admissions Decisions

As previously discussed, the business of college admissions today mandates administrators meet four key performance indicators: Fill every available freshman seat; By accepting the fewest number of “eligible” applicants; While maximizing tuition revenue; and then Keeping those seats occupied all the way thru to graduation. To truly understand the scope of college admissions today, you Read More

Financial Aid & Scholarship Guide you can share with your students

Earning a degree takes a significant financial investment. At most schools, full-time and part-time students enjoy eligibility for federal student financial aid as long as they attend an accredited educational institution. Many schools offer merit-based and need-based scholarships, including accounting scholarships for undergraduates and scholarships for those seeking a master’s degree in accounting. Schools offer Read More

Two new scholarship opportunities for your students

Steinger, Greene & Feiner Law Scholarship for Child Advocates The law firm of Steinger, Greene & Feiner offers a semi-annual $1,000 scholarship for a child advocate or abuse survivor seeking a law degree. Open to dedicated students who meet either of the following criteria: You have personally worked to protect children’s rights or stop abuse Read More

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