Benefits of Being a Mentor

Counselors help students not only academically but also emotionally for life after high school. Not many students will have the support a counselor can provide at home, and being part of their lives, helping them successfully navigate their life through school can be very helpful for their growth. 

School counseling is not only beneficial for the students, it is also very valuable for the counselor as well. Mentoring students is not only personally rewarding to see their professional and personal growth, but it can also teach you many valuable life lessons. 

Choosing to become a counselor can be challenging. Working through student’s problems and helping them improve can be a slow process, on top of it being stressful and taking an emotional toll in your life. But learning to become a great mentor to your students, could make these challenges easier to navigate. 

If the students can see you as a role model, and you can connect with them well, you will be able to make a great impact in their lives, and be remembered as not only their counselor and mentor, but a friend. 

Learning how to mentor your students can help you achieve the goal of being a memorable counselor in their lives. So asking about their career goals, being available to them, giving help readily as well as being empathetic and sharing your story, are only some of the things you can do to become a better counselor.  

This infographic from Mint does a great job of describing ways you can be a good mentor to your students, and achieve personal and career fulfillment: