Careers to Consider – Cartographer

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the cartographer field is set to grow by 15%, which is much faster than other careers on average. With the increased use of cartographers for maps in government planning, this is a great career your students that have an interest in geography might consider pursuing. put together a series of guides that provide a comprehensive overview of this career path.

Geography Degree Series

Program Guide:

If your students choose to pursue a degree in geography, they can expect to learn about everything from climate variability and urban development to deforestation and emerging infectious diseases. Many geography degrees have a geographic information system (GIS) component, which equips students to analyze mapping and spatial data.

A degree in geography covers problems such as world hunger, water management, and urban housing. Here is a link to the program guide:

Career Outlook:

A geography degree trains students to examine the Earth’s physical features and its human inhabitants. Geography majors learn geographic information system (GIS) mapping technologies, conduct spatial analysis, and gain valuable skills for a variety of career paths. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), geographers earn a median salary of over $80,000, with a bachelor’s degree meeting the entry-level educational requirement for the field.

The skills gained during a geography degree prepare graduates for careers like cartographer, GIS specialist, or surveyor. By earning a master’s in geography, professionals pursue job titles with increased responsibility, such as GIS manager.

Geography students should begin their career planning and job search while earning their degree. Choosing an in-demand specialization or completing an internship to gain professional experience can help geography graduates on the job market. By planning ahead, geography majors may improve their chances of finding a rewarding job in their field. Here is a link to the career outlook:

Bachelor’s Programs: Are your students considering getting their degree online. If so, here is a link to some online Bachelor Geography programs BestColleges put together: