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School Counselors Prepare Students for 21st Century Computational Thinking Skills

Counselors are at the forefront of opening doors to opportunities for all students.  Counselors are at the forefront of opening doors to opportunities for all students. They collaborate “with stakeholders such as parents and guardians, teachers, administrators and community leaders to create learning environments that promote educational equity and success for every student” (ASCA School Read More

Bullying: Learn how it happens, the different types, where it happens and how to respond

Bullying has become a national epidemic and is happening daily to your students in schools, online and at home. Verywellfamily has put together a nice collection of resources on bullying. Here are some direct links to the articles/resources they have put together: How many people are actually being cyberbullied? When to use a bullying hotline Read More

Colleges that have closed since 2016

Education Dive recently did a thorough evaluation of the Colleges that have closed since 2016. Click here to see the full list of nonprofit college closures since 2016. The last few years have been tumultuous ones for colleges and universities in the U.S. Increased regulation and reduced enrollment continue to be among several factors contributing Read More

Scholarships Available for your Minority Students

In addition to general awards based on location, discipline, merit, and financial need, many scholarships exist that specifically help minority students achieve their dreams of attending college. In addition to those highlighted below, students should conduct additional research to find funding opportunities that meet their needs. Scholarships specifically available for students of Arab, Middle Eastern Read More

The frustrating reason college students miss out on the most suitable federal-aid loans

A new study sheds light on how the complicated design of student-aid programs affects borrowing decisions As the student-loan debt bubble grows, lawmakers and consumer advocates are pushing for better counseling to help students make better-informed borrowing decisions. But as a new working paper circulated Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows, counseling Read More

A new way of helping students pay for college: Give them corporate jobs

Some undergrads are answering customer service calls for Microsoft and other companies The Hechinger Report recently reported that more students are working for Corporations to help pay for College doing service jobs. More than 300 University of Utah students are working for Microsoft answering service calls arranged by a nonprofit called Education at Work. Founded Read More

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