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Success Story – This student was rejected from 15 medical schools – now he runs a $1.5 million business

CNBC recently profiled a 29-year-old entrepreneur that started several online businesses and is now making more than $1.5 million per year. There are lots of career paths your students can embark on and the traditional path of going to college, getting a great job and working it throughout retirement is no longer the only option Read More

Here 15 College Majors being offered by U.S. Colleges Today that are Outside the Norm

Fox News published a list of 15 of the wildest and wackiest courses offered today or recently at U.S. institutions across our country. These might be fun to discuss with your students to show there are many paths they can take with their educations. Course descriptions are based on publicly available information on school websites.  Introduction Read More

Are any of your students unhappy with their choices…? No reason to panic; there is SPACE AVAILABLE

If your stack of responses from colleges included nothing but rejections, you’ll probably want to read further. The first thing to know is that there’s no reason to despair, there are still options. NACAC’S FALL 2022 COLLEGE OPENINGS UPDATE There are more than 200 colleges and universities nationwide still accepting applications from students seeking openings, Read More

2022 NCWIT vSummit on Women and IT

Join the virtual experience, May 16-19, 2022.  The 2022 vNCWIT Summit is free and open to the public. Get ready for conversations, Q&As, on-demand videos, and more! Connect with educators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and social scientists from across industries and disciplines. Fully immerse yourself in research-based recommendations and peer-to-peer discussions to further your efforts in Read More

Webinar: Advising for Future Ready Careers: CS + Finance

Do you feel equipped to engage students in careers in finance? Join NCWIT Counselors for Computing on 5/10 5pm ET for a FREE webinar to learn how careers in finance are evolving & many require foundational computer science skills. Computer science careers involve something called computational thinking, and computational thinking skills parallel the skills necessary Read More

Your Insight is Needed – Development of An Anti-Racist School Counseling Inentory

Several Counselors are working on developing an Anti-Racist School Counseling Inventory as a self-evaluation tool for school counselors. They are looking for practicing school counseling participants (currently employed) and would love to learn from your insight! Participants who complete the survey will be provided with (a) a copy of their responses to this inventory tool Read More

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