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How To Get Through a Hard Day – Free Handout for Counselors

Teachers Pay Teachers has a nice free handout available for students – “How to Get Through a Hard Day”. To get a copy a “free registration” is required. Here is a link to the page to download it:

Private Scholarship Management Suggestions

You, your family, school, or organization have an idea to create a scholarship program to support students. This is wonderful way to assist students pay for educational expenses. In many cases the scholarship application requirements, application review process and how funds will be disbursed to the student’s college or university are topics which results in Read More

Types of Personality Testing

Have you ever wondered what makes the people around you behave the way they do? What makes you, you?  We are taught to believe that labeling people isn’t fair and we should avoid doing that at all costs. However, in many cases being able to figure out what type the person we are talking to Read More

Tips Your Students Can Use for Career Advancement

Moving up the career ladder as fast as possible should be the goal of any graduating student as they begin their careers. Here is a great visual that offers some tips your students can use to advance their careers: Infographic Source: “What Is Career Advancement? And 12 Tips for Achieving It,” University of St. Augustine, July Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Ivy League Education

Your students have a significant decision on deciding which schools to apply to. And if they are a high-achieving student, they are likely to apply to an Ivy League school. Everyone is aware of the “Ivy League,” a group of eight private schools defined by their membership in the same collegiate athletic conference. The Ivy Read More

High School Counselor Timeline

This is a general timeline of activities and tasks. The counseling department and/or you in particular don’t necessarily do everything listed. Depends on your duties and grade levels. JULY : Update transcripts with summer school grades and finalize/change schedules. Summer registration for previously enrolled and new students. Meet with senior students and parents who need Read More

Articles Scheduled for 2021/2022 LINK for Counselors

We took your feedback on subjects you want to see covered this school year and have come up with a great slate of articles for this year. Here is a summary of articles that we already have in-house and more to come as well: Scheduling and Social Justice: Your Underscored Power – By Sweety Patel, Read More

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