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Don’t dismiss small-town colleges

As a graduate of one small college (1,000 students in a town of 10,500) and former employee of another (900 students in a town of 10,000), I want to make a suggestion as your students are exploring colleges: Don’t be too quick to cross small-town and rural colleges off the list. I compiled a bunch Read More

Are Your Students’ Essays Flat? Don’t Blame Brainstorming!

During a Zoom meeting earlier this year, I heard a familiar lament from a bright, successful counseling colleague who was running on fumes, exhausted because her students just weren’t coming through with the essays, she thought they were capable of. I love brainstorming, she said. I love getting to know my students, but the essays Read More

College List Worksheet Template

Are your students putting together a list of all the College’s they are considering applying to and possibly attending? If so, there is a tool developed by Going Merry that is offered free to your students they might consider downloading. It’s free. This worksheet can help them understand the “true cost” of attending any college. Read More

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