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Local Scholarship Committee Suggestions

Numerous organizations raise funds to provide high school seniors with scholarship money. A lot of hard work, dedication, and a sincere desire to support the students is involved. Students are encouraged to keep a list of potential scholarships, apply on time, follow all directions, and make sure all required documents are submitted. This is taking Read More

10 Key Tips to Transfer Colleges

Transferring colleges can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Many of your students will begin their college careers at one school and then transfer to another school where they will ultimately graduate. Whether they are seeking better academic programs, a change of environment, or new opportunities, it’s important to navigate the transfer process strategically. To Read More

Sample Essays – What to Consider

During a recent interview about college essays with College and Career Clarity podcast host Lisa Marker-Robbins, the topic of sample essays came up. We don’t like sample essays, even though a lot of people use them when coaching students on the college essay. To be clear, it’s not that the sample essays can’t be good examples. It’s Read More

Early Decision Acceptance Rates for Class of 2025, Domestic Undergraduate Need-Based and Merit Aid, and Financial Aid info for Non-Citizens (August 2022 data)

Big Educational Consulting has published some fantastic charts that are available free for download in Google Docs and PDF formats. The charts they have compiled include: Early Decision and Regular Decision Acceptance Rates for Class of 2025 Domestic Undergraduate Need-Based and Merit Aid Financial Aid for International Noncitizens Each chart includes data from approximately 450 Read More

Selectivity: Acceptance Rates at 4-Year Colleges

NACAC recently published information for their State of College Admission Report. They found that in the Fall of 2021, four-year, not-for-profit colleges accepted 73 percent of applications from first-year students, on average. The average acceptance rate was higher for public colleges (78 percent) compared to private colleges (70 percent). What is selectivity? The term “selectivity” Read More

All New Fundamentals of College Advising Textbook – Call for Proposal to Write Chapters

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is excited to announce a comprehensive revision to the Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling: A Textbook for Graduate Students and Practicing Counselors, led by co-editors Christopher W. Tremblay, Ed.D. and Beth H. Gilfillan, Ph.D.  After extensive outreach to faculty, students, and practitioners, NACAC has decided to streamline Read More

Careers to Consider: Business

High school is a really important time of a young adult’s life, not because it is any more important than other years, but that the timing of the choice made then has massive impacts on the trajectory of a student’s life for decades to come. A helpful counselor will have the ability not just of Read More

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