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Should Athletes Avoid Writing About Sports in a College Essay?

After a recent College Essay Pro Chat, I received this email from a colleague: What do you think about a student athlete/performer choosing to write about their sport/performing in their main essay, if they are pursuing this in their college experience (e.g. recruited/varsity athletics, a talent-based major), since it is already strongly represented in their Read More

Teenagers Decoded – Free Webinar

Looking to find out what is inside the minds of your students? On Thursday, April 25th at 7:30 pm Eastern Brennan Barnard will host a webinar with Dr. Lisa Damour, author of The Emotional Lives of Teenagers where they will discuss everything from mental health, anxiety, and achievement pressure to identity, independence, and responsibility of Read More

Taking the Stress Out of the SAT

SAT season is under way at the nation’s high schools. With the next test date loomingon May 4, there are a few things your students – and you — can do to calm those nervesand tackle the SAT with confidence. The modern SAT has three sections:Reading. Students will have 65 minutes to answer 52 multiple-choice Read More

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