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10 Tips for your students that don’t have Wealthy Parents to help them get into an Elite College

There’s no need to obsess over attending an elite school like the families named in the college admissions scandal The college admissions scandal has exposed the extreme lengths some wealthy families will go to secure a spot for their child at their dream college. It’s possible to find and stay in a college with life-changing Read More

Admissions Officers Share Essay Writing tips for Your Students

Last fall, during the National Association of College Admission Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Duke University Dean of Admissions Christoph Guttentag told me he would like students to answer questions, rather than write beautiful prose in a college admissions essay. He and I had been chatting about all the misinformation on the Internet, inside Read More

Why this College Counselor has a 100% placement rate

The nation’s high school students are well aware that it’s never been harder to get into a top college. Just last year, Yale’s acceptance rate hit 6.31 percent, near an all-time low. Princeton offered admission to just 5.5 percent of a record 35,370 applicants and at Harvard, the admission rate fell below 5 percent for Read More

Do you have any students with Disabilities that want to start their own business?

Fact: Self-employment is a more popular choice among people with disabilities than it is with the general population. The Small Business Administration reported that 12.2 percent of the general population chose self-employment, and 14.3 percent of people with disabilities started businesses. has put together a complete guide for people with disabilities that want to Read More

March Madness Contest – The winner gets free assistance for one of their students in helping them write their College Essay

The College Spy is hosting a 2019 NCAA Tournament Contest and it is free to apply March means basketball. 68 of the best men’s college basketball teams compete in the Division I NCAA national tournament. It’s the Big Dance. It’s March Madness. Join The College Spy in the college hoops madness by participating in their Read More

NACAC statement about the College Admissions Scandal

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) urged its members today to redouble their commitment to integrity within the college admission process following news reports of efforts by wealthy individuals to get their children into selective colleges and universities as part of a long-running cheating scam. “This is an unfortunate example of the lengths Read More

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