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Example of a Parent Welcome Letter

Do you have a letter template written to send to parents this Fall? The Counselors at Normal Community High School have created a template that they use that you may be able to craft for your needs. They shared their letter in the High School Counselors Group on FB. Here is the template: Dear Parents, Read More

Scholarships Available to Your Students is offering a series of scholarships for your students. The deadline for each scholarship is April 1st. Here are the details on each with links: Scholarship for African Americans – $500 Scholarship for Hispanics – $500 CLEP Scholarship for Military Members – $500 Scholarship for Military Spouses – $500 Women in Engineering Scholarship – Read More

Where do you get advice on the college essay?

There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to the college essay. We know all about it. We read it. We hear it. Some share templates for writing stand-out college essays. (Email templates are useful; essay templates don’t work!) Others promise that if your students answer a bunch of specific questions, they’ll be Read More

Athletic Recruitment 101

Hey Hollywood, how about a new television show called “So You Think You Can Be A Professional Athlete?”  The stats aren’t encouraging. According to  there are a few million high school athletes, more than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes, and fewer than two percent of them will go pro in their sports. The probability of competing Read More

Webinar: Student Debt Impact

A webinar on Financing Education & Economic Opportunity will take place virtually on February 25th on 12:30 PM EST. Student Debt Impact explores how unprecedented borrowing disproportionately burdens BIPOC students and their families, how it exacerbates the racial wealth gap, and how to create models of higher education financing that provide pathways to economic opportunity. Read More

The Monday Blues

It is estimated that more than 17 million people will call in sick today after watching the Super Bowl yesterday. So there is no better time than today to discuss the Monday Blues. If you feel depressed, annoyed, overwhelmed, sluggish, and tense at the beginning of a working week, you are probably dealing with a Read More

Advantages of Taking a Gap Year

Taking a year off after high school or a “gap year”  has become an increasingly popular and accepted decision here in the United States. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand, gap year experiences have long been considered one of many traditional options. I was unsuccessful in my efforts to convince my own children of the Read More

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