Checklist your students can use 1 week prior to taking or re-taking the SAT test

Peterson’s put together a quick checklist your students can use 1 week out from taking the SAT test:

  • 1 Week Out – Step 1 :Take a full practice test. There are many available online.
  • 3-5 Days Out – Step 2 :Final Review – Now that you’ve taken a full practice test, go over any areas you aren’t completely confident in. This may mean looking over the material from your textbooks or study guides, or going over practice questions that focus on the subject you’re looking to get a bit more review in.
  • 2 Days Out – Step 3: Handle any Logistics – Plan the trip to the testing location. Make sure you have plenty of time to get their 15 minutes prior to the appointed time. Make sure you have reliable transportation locked up. Print your registration ticket and have a photo ID. If you feel the need for a last minute review, limit it to two hours so you remain fresh.
  • 1 Day Out – Step 4: Last Minute Details – Now is the time to let your brain take a breather before the test—don’t overload yourself with more studying!  Be confident in the work you have done. Pack your bag for the next day. Bring No. 2 pencils, your registration ticket, photo ID, approved calculator with batteries, a watch to time yourself, a sweater if you think you might want it, water, and snacks. Now relax, set an alarm (or alarms), and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Test Day – Step 5: A Few Reminders – Now comes the time to put all your hard work—both from your studying and from your schooling to date—to the test. Remember to pace yourself. And, be confident in your efforts to learn the material.