Colleges are tracking which students show demonstrated interest

What does this mean? In an article this week in the Wall Street Journal, it was reported that 37 percent of College Enrollment Officers had reported that they tracked their students and that demonstrated interest was moderately important in the college admissions process (data from a NACAC sponsored study).

How do they do this tracking? When they send a student an e-mail they are able to see how soon the e-mail is opened and which links were clicked (if any). Those students that opened it in a timely manner and were engaged (clicked on the links) showed demonstrated interest and the thought is have a high interest in that school and the information sent.

This is some good information to let your students know about. If they are interested in a school and receive anything electronically it is important to review it in a timely manner and click through on any links that may be of interest. Will it ensure they get accepted to that school? No, but anything that can help them get into their school of choice is never a bad idea.