Counselor helps High School Student find his real identity after 13 years

Recently it was discovered that an 18 year old student in Cleveland had been abducted at a young age by his father from his mother. The father took the child when he was 5 years old from the Birmingham, Alabama area to Cleveland, Ohio, changed their names and started new lives. It is unknown what prompted him to do this but he has now been arrested and is facing multiple charges.

The break in the case came when Julian was working with a school counselor to apply to college earlier this year. His social security number didn’t match up with his name, so the counselor did some digging and discovered that Julian was listed as missing on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Here is a link to the story – Alabama boy who went missing at 5 found in Ohio 13 years later

This is a perfect example of how counselors should always be alert and willing to help their students. This counselor went above and beyond the call of duty when things didn’t match up and was able to help this student discover his true identity.