Counselor Recommendation Packet

Having to write recommendation letters for your students? Here is a quick form that a Counselor (Courtney Jaeger) developed to use in Naviance for a Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire that Students and Parents can fill out:

*Please type answers to at least 3 questions.  Please use a separate sheet of paper to write your answers.

Student Name: __________________________

  1. If you were writing your own recommendation, what personal information would you include to show your uniqueness? (i.e. what personal qualities distinguish you from your peers?)
  2. What are your personal and academic strengths? (Explain with examples).
  3. What are your special talents? (may be in any area such as art, music, athletics, science, literature, mathematics, computer science, etc.   Please indicate if you have been recognized with awards for these talents.  Also indicate how much time you spend developing these talents.)
  4. How do you spend your free time? (Give specific examples.  For instance, if you like to read, make sure you list the titles of your favorite books.  If you play video games, which ones?  If you play sports, which ones, where?)
  5. What do you choose to learn on your own time? What is your intellectual passion?
  6. What are your current career goals? How did you get interested in this career?  Is there anything specific you are doing now to work toward that career goal?
  7. Describe an obstacle that has affected your, positively or negatively? How has overcoming this obstacle helped you grow?
  8. In what ways has your family influenced you personally and academically?
  9. In reviewing your transcript, is there anything you would like to explain to colleges in order to put your grades or course selection in an appropriate context? If so, explain.
  10. Of all the activities in which you have been involved in during high school, which activity has been most important to you and why? (You may choose a school-affiliated program or an independent one.)
  11. How have you shown evidence of leadership ability?
  12. How have you demonstrated good character?
  13. 3Anything else you would like to share with your counselor?

Parent Questionnaire for Counselor Recommendation

Student Name: ­­­­­­_________________________________

Please share with me the colleges you think would be good matches for your student.  Please indicate if these choices are reaches, 50-50’s, or safeties.

  1. Why, specifically, do you feel these are good matches for your student?
  2. Are there any financial limitations that could impact where your student applies?
  3. List three adjectives that best describe your student. (Please provide examples of these traits)
  4. What are some of your child’s accomplishments during the past three years?
  5. If there are any unusual personal circumstances which have affected your child’s educational experience or personal development, please explain.
  6. What are your student’s strengths, accomplishments, preferences, work habits, goals, personality, etc.?
  7. Is there anything else you feel would be important for an admission committee to know that isn’t already mentioned in the college application?

Parent Signature:  ______________________________________________