‘The Dangers They Face’ Movement: Documentarist Works To Protect Young People

As a documentarist with 30 years of experience as an anchor and news director, Mike Mickle of Davenport, IA, knows that today’s world holds an array of hidden dangers. And, as the father of three teen children, he is concerned about the fate of today’s young people. It was this growing concern that prompted him to initiate a series of eight documentaries called ‘The Dangers They FaceMovement.


Mike is the President of Mickle Communications, the company that is producing the full series along with its not-for-profit sister organization, the Healthy Happy Families Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to strengthen families with a proactive approach, and to empower children with good decision-making skills and parents with vital resources.


“Too often, the issues addressed in these documentaries are under the radar of most of the community,” Mike said. “For example, many children think the only answer to their problems is suicide. Also, others are being abducted, abused, and sold for sex. Children can be caught in a battle with drugs. Many are finding dangers online where pedophiles lurk. Some are facing gender identity issues and may be subjected to prejudice and violence. Then there are those who are surrounded by poverty. People need to be informed about all of these concerns.”


The eight documentaries in the series will be:

  • If You Only Knew: The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide
  • Human Trafficking in the Heartland
  • Down on the Pharm: The Pharmaceutical and Heroin Epidemic
  • Finding the River: Poverty in the Land of Plenty
  • Power & Control: When Young Love Goes Wrong
  • Digital Dangers: The Threats that Lurk Online
  • Class Not Dismissed: Violence in the Classroom
  • The Transition: Examining Transgender Issues


“Many parents do not realize how prevalent these dangers have become,” Mike said. “We’ve taken on the role of informing the community.” He added that If You Only Knew: The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide and Human Trafficking in the Heartland have already been completed and broadcast. If You Only Knew was nominated for a Mid-America Emmy. The remaining six documentaries are in various stages of production.


If You Only Knew: The Journey Through Teen Depression and Suicide is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and YouTube, and can be downloaded from any of these links:

iTunes: http://apple.co/2ftZ9YZ

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2gzl7K5

Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01NCOEWNT

YouTube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZkRx9CAjrZ8


Human Trafficking in the Heartland is forthcoming for purchase and download.


Visit weallhavestuff.com for more information on the dangers to young people mentioned above. You can email Mike Mickle at mike@weallhavestuff.com. For more information on the documentaries and other Mickle Communications projects, check out micklecommunications.com.