“Dneirf” – a new book about social conflicts that all kids go through

Our primary readers are High School Counselors but we have begun receiving more correspondence from Counselors working with kids of all ages.  I came across a book that should be of interest to Counselors that are working with young students grades K-3. It was written by an elementary school counselor located in Lancaster, PA.

The book is titled, “Dneirf”, which is friend spelled backwards. After having a difficult morning, a boy named Otto struggles with having positive interactions with his friends at school. He learns that his friendship struggles are due to him doing things “backwards” that a true friend would do or being a “Dneirf.” With the help of his peers and school counselor, Otto is able to turn himself around and move in the right direction towards becoming a true or forward friend to himself and others.

The book fills a need for a social skills book that covers social conflicts between friends that is a normal part of growing up and not always an act of bullying.

The author, Mike Resh, has information about his book available at: www.mikeresh.com. There are also free downloadable/printable handouts on the website for counselors to use with their students in groups, classroom lessons, and individual sessions.

If you are working with students in this age group or have other Counselors in your district that might be interested please send them information about this great book.