Do you know the 5 different types of Test-Optional policies?

Test-Optional for All Students: All applicants have the choice of submitting standardized test scores. No one is required to submit scores, but they can if they wish.

Test-Optional for Some Students: Some specific academic programs or applicants (like homeschooled students or international students) may still be required to submit test scores.

Test-Flexible: SAT or ACT scores can be submitted with this policy, but these schools typically accept other test scores as well, such as Advanced Placement (AP) exam results or International Baccalaureate (IB) scores. 

Test-Blind: Colleges do not consider standardized test scores whatsoever during the application process. Even if a student submits their scores, the college will not review or use them in their evaluation. 

Test-Optional with Scores Required for Scholarships: Some colleges might adopt a test-optional policy for general admission but still require standardized test scores if a student wants to be considered for merit-based scholarships. In this case, test scores are used solely for scholarship purposes, not for admission decisions.

This comes from a guide/blog post that Going Merry recently published which also includes a list of schools that are test-optional as well as more information about why schools are now offering test-optional as a policy. Check it out here: