Educate to Career: College Rankings Index

Workforce preparedness, maximizing earnings and employability are the primary reasons for a person to attend college. I recently found out about a website called Educate to Career (Educate to Career) that has created a rankings index that quantifies and compares each college’s record for improving the labor market outcomes for students.

The ETC College Rankings Index is the only system that rates colleges by the Economic Value Added delivered to their graduates. Our patent pending methodologies analyze the labor market outcomes of graduates from 1182 four year colleges.

The ETC Index also makes available fee based data ($10 per school) which enables detailed analysis by college and major:

The average net cost – of every college. This is not the list price- this is the annual tuition that in state students actually paid. This information alone can save your students $ thousands per year.

Jobs and salaries – for each college and major, they provide a list of the jobs that recent graduates actually landed, with starting salaries.

The data also includes loan default and grad rates for each school.

Here is a link to each schools ranking – ETC College Ranking Index Results. There is also a search engine where you can type in a schools name to see their score.

On the toolbar if you click on “Career Counselors” it will take you to a page where they have free links to the following programs:

Free Counseling Programs

College & Major Outcomes – Show your students the likely job and salary outcomes from each major at your colleges.

Salary Search by Job Title – Select from over 900 occupations. Reliable salary data which includes education variables.

Salary Calculator 2.0 – Our newest generation salary calculator was designed specifically so that career counselors could run multiple different education scenarios for a student quickly – and the data are presented instantly.

Salary Calculator – Our legacy salary calculator is still available for those counsellors that have relied on this calculator since 2008. This program uses the same data as Salary Calculator 2.0

2 Year College Calculator – A specialized salary program which provides the salary outcomes from 2-year colleges.

CollegeBuddy – When a student asks, “What jobs can I get from my major?” this program provides actual outcomes data. This program is fast and invaluable to the career planning process.

CareerBuddy – this powerful program enables students and their counselors to explore a world college options – with a focus on career outcomes.