Financial Aid Basics: What Students & Families Need to Know

Choosing to pursue postsecondary education is one of the most important decisions a young person can make.

As a school counselor, you are uniquely qualified to help applicants navigate the admission process. And increasingly, students and parents also turn to you as they sort through complex questions about financial aid, college affordability, and the value of a degree. What’s an admission professional to do?

No, you don’t need to become a financial adviser to the families you serve. But good information can go a long way when helping students make the right college choice, especially when counseling applicants whose understandable confusion about the financial aid process threatens to derail their college dreams.

That’s why NACAC has created a great PowerPoint presentation  that gives an overview of Financial Aid Basics that you can share with students and their families. Download it now and use it when meeting with students and parents, and share it with your colleagues.