Forward Thinking Digital Careers for High School Students to Consider

For high school students, starting to think seriously about careers can be a little intimidating. However, by being exposed to interesting, novel, and forward-thinking careers, this process can become more accessible and enjoyable. In particular, digital careers can be enticing options for students who have grown up in a largely digital age.

Having an understanding of some of the viable digital career options for high school students can help you as a counselor make more meaningful and effective career guidance suggestions to students. Here are some of the most appealing and forward-thinking digital careers for high school students to consider.

Digital Forensics Analyst

Many may people, especially high school students, may be unaware that there is a position for professionals who help analyze digital evidence in crimes. Many times, digital forensics analysts investigate cybercrimes, and can have a significant impact on society. In large part, the phases of digital forensics involve the collecting, analyzing, and safekeeping of digital evidence such as computers and hard drives.

For students who you find have a knack for digital processes and an interest in investigation, this could be the perfect forward-thinking digital career to suggest as a career option. It is both exciting and involves in-depth digital knowledge. As such, this career has the power to pique the interest of many students and help them find a secure career path to pursue.

Digital Journalist

Over the last few decades, journalism has had to evolve with the public’s growing preference for ingesting information digitally. As such, journalists in all fields — ranging from sports journalism to investigative journalism — have had to change to accommodate the practice of crafting work to be featured in digital spaces and adapt to the rise of digital journalism. For students who you find have a knack for writing or journalism, digital journalism may be the perfect field.

Digital journalism is a broad field that can come in many different forms. As such, high school students with an array of interests can all find a fulfilling career in the field of digital journalism. In addition to being broad, the field of digital journalism is also one that can be conducive to working remotely. This is something that many younger people, such as older high school students, are beginning to prioritize in their work lives. As such, digital journalism can be an enticing digital career for high school students with a knack for writing to pursue.

Social Media Specialist

As a high school counselor, you’re no stranger to the fervor with which today’s younger generations engage with social media. This being the case, the role of social media specialist can not only be an enticing career choice for many students but actually one that many students are already well-suited for. These professionals are those who manage social media pages for companies in order to communicate with customers and reinforce brand identities.

While there are differences between using social media as a recreational pastime and using it as a tool for promotion and marketing purposes, the fact that many high school students possess a working knowledge of social media processes is a great start. For students who have amassed a larger than average following on various social media platforms, the role of social media specialist could be the perfect career path to suggest.

Video Game Designer

The vast majority of high school students are no strangers to video games. While pretty much all of them have come into contact with video games at some point, some of them may consider themselves video game enthusiasts. For these students who are passionate about video games, the role of video game designer may be the perfect career to pursue.

Video game designers are the people who craft videogames for the public to play. If you find that certain students seem to be enamored by video games, this may be the perfect career choice to suggest to pique their interest and get them excited about working. If the thrill of being immersed in the world of video games isn’t enough to excite them, it might be a good idea to let them know that this is a lucrative career that may allow them to purchase many of the things that they’ve always dreamed of owning.

UX Designer

UX design, short for user experience design, is a growing field that many artistically and digitally inclined high school students may be perfect for. UX designers are tasked with the job of crafting enjoyable digital experiences for customers and audiences who interact with a brand’s digital spaces. If you find that some students display above-average signs of empathy, digital adeptness, and a passion for artistic pursuits, this may be the perfect role to suggest.

If you find that a student seems intrigued or excited by the idea of pursuing a career as a UX designer, it may be a good idea to encourage them to explore the field. There is a multitude of resources for UX designers online, and becoming familiar with the field may motivate the right students to pursue a career as a UX designer more seriously.

Digital Roles are Becoming More Normal

While it can sometimes be easy to criticize younger generations for spending too much time online, the truth is that digital technology is becoming a normalized part of everyday life. As such, more and more viable career options can be found in the digital space. By encouraging high school students to pursue these digital career paths, you may be able to get them more excited about stepping into the next chapter of their lives and pursuing a lifelong career.