Free back to school guide for Counselors with tips from Counselors

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers and counselors can buy and sell books, guides and other things that are relevant to their peers. They also offer some free resources for download and one such resource that you might find very helpful is “The Counselors of TpT Back to School Resource Guide”

It is 36 pages of great information from Counselors, for Counselors. It is downloadable as a PDF. A registration to the site is required but it is free to join. The Counselors of TpT eBook is a great catalog of some awesome back to school counseling resources, lesson plans, games, posters and decor! 33 different counselor TpT stores are highlighted and there is a free resource on every page!

Here are some comments from your peers about the eBook:

Kayla S. said:Extremely helpful as I navigate my first year as a school counselor.

Bright Futures Counseling  (TpT Seller) said:This ebook is awesome! It is filled with so many great resources. I can’t wait to check them all out.

 Heart and Mind Teaching (TpT Seller) said:Great way to find Counselors on TpT to support each other, plus a FREEBIE on every page!!

 Counselor Clique (TpT Seller) said:What a valuable resource! Love the FREE options on every page. I love getting to see all of the school counselor stores in one place and see what can help me out as I plan my core curriculum for the year!

 Nikki Ohms The Charismatic Counselor (TpT Seller) said:Awesome ebook that’s packed with a great variety of helpful resources, including FREEBIES! Thank you for sharing this must-have book! 🙂

YNot Counseling (TpT Seller) said:Awesome resource to have as you plan your school counseling, small group or individual lessons. So many different authors with wonderful lessons that will assist you in tackling any subject that you need to address. And each page has great freebies too!

The DIY Counselor Carla (TpT Seller) said:An awesome resource for the beginning of the year. So many great products and freebies!

Simply Imperfect Counselor (TpT Seller) said:This is such an amazing resource! Packed with lots of usable freebies! Also, an easy way to see what counselors are selling. I already added tons to my wish list!

Counselor Katie (TpT Seller) said:The Counselors in this freebie are amazing!! Thanks!

The Sunny Sunshine Student Support Store (TpT Seller) said:Well thought out and helpful!

Here is a link to this free resource if you would like to check it out!