Free Career Test Available for your Students

Career Enjoyment has created a free career test that your students might find of interest. A student can complete a quick online questionnaire and they will be matched to the best fit from more than 1000 well paying careers.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The results will be based on matching the users answers to match them to a specific career based on their individual personality.

Examples of questions that are asked:

Construct a piece of furniture – Not Enjoy – Not Sure – or Enjoy

Lay down a tiled bathroom floor – Not Enjoy – Not Sure – or Enjoy

Play any type of musical instrument – Not Enjoy – Not Sure – or Enjoy

Be a manager at a retail establishment – Not Enjoy – Not Sure – or Enjoy

One of the keys to having a successful life is for students to do something that they enjoy. This quiz can help point them in the right direction. It may even point them in the right direction as to what major to pursue in college. It’s free so have your students that are interested check it out using this link:

The quiz was authored by Matt Donatelle who is a certified career coach that has helped people around the world pick the specific career of their dreams.