Free database of Colleges offering disability support services

CollegeWebLD is a comprehensive online resource for information about the disability support services at over 500 U.S. colleges and universities. Many students with learning differences who end up failing out of college within the first year do so because they did not choose a college that was a good fit for them.

The goal of this resource is to better the lives of students with learning differences by assisting them in finding a college where they can be happy and successful, and can become college graduates with meaningful, bright futures. Selecting the right college and starting with the right support are the keys to success. The website includes a College Success Profile tool for users to follow in the college planning process for students who learn differently. It is offered free for use by high school counselors, college counselors, transition coordinators, educational consultants, prospective students and parents, or anyone who needs to have a better understanding of the process of choosing colleges for students with learning differences.

Here is a link to the website: