Free Webinar: Beginning to Build Critical “Adulting” Skills in High School: It’s More Than Learning to do Laundry

Michele McAnaney, Founder of the College Spy and Andrea Malkin Brenner, will be hosting a free webinar on January 11th at 8:00 Eastern. Here is a summary of what will be covered: Nothing in the college admissions process prepares high school graduates for the changes they will face as they transition from high school to living independently in college. Parents will finish this session with a complete list of the critical life skills first-year students should master before leaving home (and tricks for teaching these skills). Some topics include: taking care of their physical and mental health; sharing a living space and communicating with peers across differences; new responsibilities for personal safety, eating, and sleeping routines; budgeting and money management; taking advantage of campus resources; professional communication; and handling stress without the “scaffolding” of home.

Here is a link to the registration page (it’s free!) –