Cabin Fever: Camp-In – Opportunity for your students to experience the joys of camping virtually and to learn about STEAM careers

Gateway to the Great Outdoors (GGO) is hosting a livestreamed real-time global camping event on October 24! “Cabin Fever: The Great GGO Camp-In” kicks off at 3:00pm. And continues through 9:30 with a live concert from the rock band The Disestablishment.

Registration is free, and all are welcome to participate! This virtual event will allow campers of all ages to join GGO for an evening filled with everything that makes camping great. “Cabin Fever: The Great GGO Camp-In” gives your students the opportunity to have an engaging camping experience in their own home, and to celebrate GGO’s mission of providing all children access to extensive environmental, outdoor, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education.

From Camp Manitowa Cedar Point, GGO staff will lead real-time, livestreamed and some pre-taped interactive camping activities, campfire sing-alongs, camping lessons, and much more. GGO’s unique brand of STEAM curriculum will be interwoven throughout the event making it a truly one of a kind experience. Participants are encouraged to create their own “campsites” in their living room or backyard, popping up a tent in the family room or a pillow fort on the balcony.

There is no charge for students to attend Cabin Fever, GGO will be accepting donations and is offering sponsorship opportunities from corporate and individual donors. All donations and sponsorship dollars will directly benefit programming for GGO’s new Go & Grow initiative, their flagship program for distance learning. Go & Grow kits include materials for STEAM learning activities and experiments that students can do in their own homes. Kits cost approximately $5 to assemble and are distributed directly to the students when lunches are picked up. GGO works to ensure equitable access to nature, STEAM learning, and mentorship to schools in St. Louis and Chicago that are 95% on the free and reduced lunch program. Lessons range from: The Green Belt Movement and Great Environmental Scientists, learning about the rock-cycle with chocolate, community mapping, and learning about water pollution by testing samples from local streams. GGO provides children a comprehensive understanding of the environment and communities they live in, while also providing nature-based adventures.

GGO is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing at-risk youth access to environmental education and nature-based outdoor experiences. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic GGO continues to fulfill their mission by designating 100% of all proceeds raised from Cabin Fever to programming. By doing this GGO will be able to continue to provide STEAM education kits to the students. Please join us on October 24th to help support GGO’s commitment to the kids we serve.

For more information of this event, visit Gateway to the Great Outdoors on Facebook or contact Daryl Huitt at 314-313-8182 or