Generation Z and smartphones

Generation Z is generally considered to be those born between 1995 (or 96) and 2012. Generation Z is applying to – and attending – college as we speak!  Many of us might notice that anxiety and depression seem to have hit an all-time high among young people. Indeed, we probably know, and might even have, a child who is struggling with some form of anxiety or depression.  The reasons for the increase in these symptoms are multi-faceted and complex, to be certain, and I am not a psychologist.  Yet, one culprit might be in your hand right now: the smartphone!

For anyone who has, works with, or otherwise cares about these young folks, I invite you to read the following article published in The Atlantic:

As the parent of two “Gen-Zers” myself, and an educational consultant working with this population, I don’t purport to know the solution to this dilemma. I do know, however, that I have personally witnessed much of what this article addresses. I also know that young people should be aware that their smartphones might be contributing to their feelings of unhappiness and anxiety. In fact, this article just became “required reading” for both of my daughters!


Victoria Turner Turco, JD is the founder and president of Turner Educational Advising, LLC, an educational consulting company specializing in college and law school admissions.  Prior to founding her company, Victoria was the Senior Manager of Pre-Law and Professional Development Programs at Georgetown University for a decade and was a member of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Interview Committee for almost 20 years. She can be reached at or at