Great Tips for your Juniors

The Counselors at Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School in Rochester, NY have some great tips they published for their Juniors. Here they are so you can share with your students:

  • Meet with your counselor to review credits toward graduation
  • Study for the PSAT in October
  • Focus on academics to obtain the best grades possible
  • If you haven’t already, take an interest inventory to solidify your career search
  • Make use of tools such as MyRoad, CollegeBoard, Fastweb, CareerZone and other resources for career, college, and financial aid information
  • If time allows, complete some volunteer service. You might want to try to do this in the career area you are interested to get more information on that career as well as having a recommendation from that career
  • Attend college nights in the area. Call or e-mail colleges you are interested in to find out when their college is visiting this area.
  • Talk to your parents about what the family can afford to spend on college. Think about applying to at least one college you can afford to attend if you do not receive any financial aid at all
  • Take a SAT review class if possible through the City School District or EOC. Ask your counselor how to register.
  • Visit colleges if possible.
  • Prepare for AP and SAT II exams.
  • Review your senior year classes with your counselor.
  • Plan to complete some volunteer service if possible over the summer
  • Look online for college applications to get an early idea of what will be required of you-especially essays.
  • Look everywhere for scholarships, especially writing contests. Many scholarships are for students in 9th through 12th grades. Don’t wait until senior year to begin this search.