Have any students moving out-of-state for college?

If yes, here are some tips that can help them make a smooth transition. Every state has different rules and regulations, so it is important to investigate the specific rules for residency regarding driver’s license, car tags and voters’ registration. Many students can still claim their parents’ residence as their own while in school so it may not be necessary to make any changes to these items.

Finding a Place to Live

The first thing to consider when moving away from home to live in another state is where you’re going to live while attending school. Some schools require students to live in a dorm for their first year or two. Each school has different policies. If allowed to live off campus your student might want to consider renting an apartment or renting a room in a nearby home. A rental agency can help with that and it’s best to contact them in plenty of time since the beginning of semesters are generally the time that the inventory shrinks considerably.

The Move

The cost of physically moving is another factor to take into consideration. Hiring a moving company to move across the country will be considerably more than a move to the state adjoining the one you’re moving from. If you’re in need of moving services, you can connect with local movers in your area. Before meeting with a moving company to get a quote, they can evaluate companies by reading reviews online. When hiring movers, always insist on a written estimate and never accept an over-the-phone estimate.

Get Familiar

Research as much as they can about their new city and state. They can learn about the culture of their new city by reading up on its history and visiting museums, art galleries, or tourist landmarks. Get to know where locals hang out. Ask someone who has been there for a while where they like going out to eat or drink. Join social media groups linked to their new community and try to meet people that way.

Start a Small Business While in School

A part-time business can be a great way to supplement their income while allowing them to stay on their own schedule. They can try pet sitting, child care, lawn maintenance, tutoring, or any number of small businesses that they can market to their local community. Creating a business plan can improve their chances of success. A business plan should describe their company, detail how they will sell their services, describe how their business will be structured, and include what funding they will need and financial projections. Find a business plan template online to guide them.

When they move to a new town on their own, it can sometimes be hard to get settled. But with the right frame of mind, their new locale can quickly feel like home.