Hechinger Report’s 10 Favorite Published Stories of 2016

The Hechinger Report is one of my favorite Education Content Sources. They publish a treasure trove of valuable information related to the Education Market. They just published a list of their top 10 stories from 2016. Here are links and a summary of each story:


1: Groundbreaking Mississippi child care investigation: Child care crisis: State’s weak oversight puts children in harm’s way by Jackie Mader and Sarah Butrymowicz (Read all 16 stories.)

2: What it takes to ace college: The difference between being eligible for college and ready for college by Emmanuel Felton

3: The future of standardized testing: Massachusetts once had the best state test in the country. Will it again? By Sarah Butrymowicz

4: Why robots probably won’t replace teachers: Despite its high-tech profile, Summit Charter Network makes teachers, not computers, the heart of personalized learning by Nichole Dobo

5: How to turn around American Indian high schools: Pulling reservation schools back from the brink by Lillian Mongeau

6:How one state is (not) spending money on students with disabilities: Eligible for job and college aid, half of eligible Tennesseans with disabilities get nothing by Meredith Kolodner

7: Rules that make paying for college harder: Policies to help students pay for college continue to shift toward favoring the rich by Jon Marcus

8: Rethinking high schools: Deadlines, endless forms, constant college prep pressure: Is the finish line in sight? by Liz WIllen

9: Learning to teach is no easy task: The exhausting life of a first-year teacher by Jackie Mader

10:The state of American preschool: What do we invest in the country’s youngest? Little to nothing by Lillian Mongeau (Read all eight stories.)