Help Your Student Athletes Guide Their College Search with this Dual Track College Timeline

College Athletic Advisor’s dynamic dual track timeline is a powerful tool for students in managing their college search. Timely markers keep students “on track” academically and in their athletic or specialty recruiting process. The useful pointers and links to academic, application, financial aid, and eligibility resources are organized by academic year, making this a useful one-stop tool for you to keep your students engaged in their college search process. Help your advisees whether they are focused on athletic recruiting or prioritizing a holistic effort to identify 360º fit institutions.

Click on the photo below to be connected directly to the timeline:

The dual-track college search timeline matches academic advice and resources with athletic recruiting highlights, links to the NCAA Eligibility Center, recruiting help, and financial aid applications.

There is also a special link set up for counselors to set up a free “school collaboration” zoom appointment for school or student specific questions as well as help navigating the school counselor side of the NCAA Eligibility Center portal. Check them out at or call 719-248-7994