Help your students understand their PSAT Score Report – A free webinar

Your students have taken the PSAT and received their results report. Do they know what it means?

Their score report offers lots of revealing data, but they will need to know how to interpret this information so that they can use it to improve their scores.

Method Test Prep will be offering a free webinar on January 8, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Information that will be covered in the webinar will include:

  • examine the details of your students PSAT score report from top to bottom.
  • review how to interpret the numbers they see.
  • discuss the ways they can apply the information to their SAT prep.
  • open the floor to questions about the PSAT, SAT, and raising their scores.

Here is the link to register if you (or your students) would like to attend: